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Leva S.p.A. has always been characterized by its flexibility and speed in the design of processes aimed at creating not only a finished product of high quality, but at the same time reproducible in large quantities and in a short time. Therefore, the high industrialization of the processes does not affect the ability to create high-end products, but on the contrary allows a greater competitiveness compared to the main competitors in the sector.
The objectives of Leva S.p.A. are reflected in the identification of new opportunities for the development of processes, with the consequent placement of new systems and technologies in order to identify alternative solutions to existing ones.

High Frequency welding sealing

The high frequency (HF) welding process consists in melting the material by providing HF energy in the form of an electromagnetic field (27.12 MHz) normally applied between two metal electrodes, plates or molds. The same, accompanied by a certain pressure on the surfaces of the material, creates a strong, constant and qualitatively perfect weld; it also allows to obtain interesting geometric figures such as quilting. The most used materials are PVC and Alcantara, both in single layer and coupled.

Ultrasonic welding

In the welding process, a clean, reliable welding technique that can be applied to many production processes is used, any additional materials are used for joining the pieces. Welding is safe for both operators and the environment; it is characterized by a cycle time that needs less than a second, making it the technique widely used in industrial assembly chains; it eliminates any subjective component and error coming from the operator ensuring a higher and unchanged product quality over time.

Injection moulding

Leva S.p.A., in order to verticalize the entire production chain, has organized over time an entire department of injection molding of plastic materials for the production of components of any shape and size.


An entire department dedicated to weaving allows Leva S.p.A. to manage all the phases necessary for the realization of elastic and non-elastic nets, of any shape and size, with rhombuses and triangles of different sizes, with wefts and weaves also made on specific customer requests. 3D weaving can be done with different types of material (PP, PA, glass fibers, PES, etc.)


In addition to the aesthetic elements, thanks to the thermoforming process, Leva S.p.A. is also capable of modeling composite thermo-plastic materials for structural elements using an appropriate tonnage depending on the size and thickness of the material.

Numerical control Cutting

The nesting and automatic cutting processes optimize the processing of real leathers, imitation leathers, plastic, Teflon and Plexiglas with very reduced working times and precise repeatability. The computer, using the acquired data, establishes the optimal nesting of the shapes and optimizes the consumption of materials, drastically reducing the costs of raw materials thanks to the easy elimination of any defects; this process guarantees the excellent quality of the finished product.


Die-cutting is the process that lies downstream of the entire production chain of the finished product; it allows you to cut a flat and thin material into a specific and extremely precise shape. The flexibility of Leva S.p.A. is also expressed thanks to the possibility of carrying out different types and sizes of customized cuts according to needs, ranging from a minimum of 150 mm to a maximum of 1500 mm.


Leva S.p.A. is specialized in sewing any type of fabric, from PVC, leatherette, coupled materials, up to particularly fine materials such as real leather and Alcantara.
A department equipped with the best sewing machines (linear and double, etc.), combined with the skill of the operators, give the industrial capacity, charm, precision and craftsmanship for every detail. An automatic sewing system also makes it possible to industrialize and reduce the times and costs of producing articles with high quantities.


The ability and experience in the numerous gluing techniques, both manual and automatic, allow Leva S.p.A. to manage all the gluing needs for each type of material. The hot glue is applied thanks to a Roller Coater, instead the water or solvent-based glues are applied through a manual or automatic spraying (collaborative robot). To allow a better quality of the glue application, plasma pre-treatment is carried out. The plasma pre-treatment is the key technology for the elimination of all impurities and for the activation of the surfaces of almost all types of materials: plastic, metal and glass, fabrics and composites.

Automotive upholstery

Historically specialized in all upholstery processes, Leva S.p.A. combines the manual ability of the operators with an automatic folding system, able to provide (depending on the type of material) the necessary pressure and temperature for the adhesion of the sewn lining to the plastic piece. The automated folding also significantly optimizes the processing times of the finished product.