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Founded in Turin in the 1950s, Leva S.p.A. has always specialized in the processing of leather and imitation leather in vinyl and polyurethane’s material, fabrics and nets for various sectors.

In the 1980s, thanks also to its strategic location in one of the worldwide most important automotive hubs, Leva S.p.A. enters the automotive interiors sector, specializing in the design and construction of complex components and systems through weaving, cutting, die-cutting, sewing and gluing, upholstery processes, gaining the trust of the major car manufacturers over time.

Welding, weaving, gluing, injection molding and thermoforming processes can be further added, with the aim ofverticalising the entire production chain in order to achieve greater competitiveness on the markets.

Competence, reliability, process engineering, efficiency, flexibility, extreme attention to every detail, global vision, ability to innovate, constantly investing in the research and development of cutting-edge solutions and technologies, are the key factors which allow Leva S.p.A. to pursue market trends.

Leva Ethical code